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As Kolkata has witnessed a sudden growth in the demand of wellness industry, there are various domestic as well as international spa owners launching their brands, offering diverse services such as massage, scrubs or body wraps in Kolkata. Divulging into services offered by wellness sector, from massages to facials, body scrubs to wraps, aromatherapy to reflexology, Hammam to Ayurveda to yoga – name it and they have it! People in Indian cities such as Kolkata don’t mind splurging out on treatments in return of total rejuvenation. Indulging in spabody wraps in Kolkata can promote a feeling of wellbeing and total relaxation. Spread across 14,000 sq. ft. of area, Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE is a luxury spa, nestled cosily on the banks of the magnificent Ganges at Anaya Kutir near Kolkata. A Mediterranean wellness sanctuary, this spa offers complete rejuvenation with combined techniques from the East and the West such as Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Balinese & Shiatsu. Founded in 1974 in Provence, France by Olivier Baussan, L’OCCITANE is a luxurious beauty brand, which hugely glorifies the beauty traditions of Provence. The peaceful environment of Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE embarks you on a journey of deep relaxation, invigorating the mind, body and soul. Indulge in Signature Holy Ganges Mud Wrap at Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE, which is one of the best body wraps in Kolkata. For a smooth and glowing skin, indulge in this soothing wrap, which features Ganges River mud blended with mineral rich Ganges water along with Honey and Hibiscus essential oil. This purifying wrap comes with deep cleansing action to unclog pores, lift excess oil and impurities as well as improve blood circulation.

Known to have best body wraps in Kolkata, Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE also offers the expert Almond Reshaping Body Wrap, known to tone the skin and stimulate fat release. This body wrap is known to encourage elimination of toxins, providing you with smooth skin. Working together with almond tree bud extract rich in flavonoids, this wrap can drain excess fluids with its associated with a plant-based complex. The Almond proteins included in the wrap can firm the skin and redefine body contours. Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE completes the overall pampering with a relaxing foot and scalp massage that also promotes a feeling of complete wellbeing.

For skin that’s damaged by the effects of Sun, overworked or very dry skin, Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE recommends Shea Ultra Rich Softening Body Wrap. One of the luxury body wraps in Kolkata, this wrap comes packed with Shea butter and grapeseed oil that provides nourishment to the skin. It also comes incorporated with honey extracts and Kaolin that are known to moisturize and soften the skin. Followed with a foot and scalp massage, this wrap ensures a moment of pure relaxation.