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Located amidst surreal beauty, Manali is surrounded with flower-laden meadows, snow-clad peaks and the beautiful Beas River. A haven of relaxation and peace, you can mix vacation with relaxation by indulging in luxury body massage services in Manali. la Riviere Spa by L’OCCITANE at Span Resort & Spa is a luxury Mediterranean-themed spa that offers the best body massage in Manali. Offering Provencal-inspired treatments, this spa offers holistic wellbeing with combined techniques from the East and the West such as Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Balinese & Shiatsu. Visit to embark on a journey of complete wellbeing with body massage services in Manali.


The spiritual nature of being healed with ‘Earth’ offers a new dimension to restore vigor, strength and vitality. The deep penetrating minerals of river stones and L’OCCITANE revitalizing essential oils enhance circulation, creating an extremely relaxed and calm state for body, mind and soul. Warm and cold stones are placed on the seven chakras to restore the body’s balance, which according to oriental tradition are key centers of energy.


This 90-minute massage uses unique rituals to prepare your body for a well-deserved sleep! The massage begins with guided breathing techniques using a special blend of essential oils designed lull you into relaxation. The increasing intensity of movements on the whole body promote to evacuate negative energies and bring a total well-being from head to foot. Nervous tensions seem fade away and the body finds a feeling of serenity. A specific massage to unwind the mind and recover from accumulated fatigue!


“A collection of our best massage techniques. Relaxing strokes, deep tissue pressure and revitalizing hot stones are combined with the nourishing, and protecting properties of Shea Butter. Skin is left soft and intensely nourished.


A truly holistic massage that treats the whole body and face, for a complete well-being experience. The comforting movements of the Balinese and Swedish techniques, gently applied all over the body and face, come together with the generous formula of Shea Fabulous Oil for body and hair. Enriched with 5% pure Shea oil, and various plant oils (sunflower, baobab, carrot), it helps deliver unique nourishing, repairing and protecting benefits to the skin in a soft lightweight texture. All at once, the skin is transformed and the body deeply soothed.


Swedish effleurage, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage technique come together to stimulate circulation and help ease tensions & relieve stress. The body and mind feel calmed; sleep can come more easily.


This massage combines gentle Swedish effleurages, deeper-pressure Lomi-Lomi and Balinese movements to re-invigorate the body and mind. Massage technique will follow the blood flow to stimulate circulation. 


This massage combines Lomi Lomi deep pressure, acupressure points and gentle stretching. It helps ease muscular tension, with a focus on the back, shoulders & neck area. As a result, the whole body feels refreshed and deeply rebalanced.


Swedish effleurages and Shiatsu pressure points are associated to the deep & combined with the comforting warmth of natural basalt stones. The stones are placed on the 7 Chakras – traditionally known as the body’s key energetic points – to improve the flow of energy, and help rebalance body & mind.