Best Luxury Spa in Gulmarg

Set amidst pine-fringed trees and meadow of wild flowers, Gulmarg is famous for the spectacular view of the Himalayan range and snow-covered slopes. Attracting people from all across India, Gulmarg is the place to refresh and revitalize. There are some of the best luxury spas in Gulmarg, which can totally detox the mind, body and soul. Talking of spas, The Khyber Spa by L’Occitane is a luxurious Mediterranean themed spa, located amidst greenery and 7 acres of forests at The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa. Offering spectacular view of the Pir Panjal Mountain range, this spa in Gulmarg is ensconced amidst unspoilt acres of meadows and pristine nature. Offering India’s most luxurious and holistic well-being experiences, this luxury spa in Gulmarg embarks people on a journey of deep relaxation.

Indulging in luxury spas in Gulmarg can keep the stress level down and totally detoxes the mind and offers tranquilizing treatments in a beautiful and serene environment. The Khyber Spa by L’Occitane is the one of the best spas in Gulmarg. You can pamper the face and body with Shea from Burkina Faso and Immortelle from Corsica or enjoy well-being soaking ceremonies in free standing bathtubs. The Khyber Spa by L’Occitane has VIP Couple Suites, wherein couples can relax and refresh in a private chamber with their loved ones.

Using different products and techniques, this luxury spa in Gulmarg offers the best of services and therapies with expert professionals by incorporating the best of the west and the east, with Swedish, Hawaiian, Lomi Lomi, Balinese & Shiastu combined in exclusive L’Occitane sequences. A visit to this spa in Gulmarg can surely benefit the mind, body and soul, reduce stress and lead to a healthy lifestyle. Indulging in spa treatments can pacify the nervous system and revive the mind. Some of the treatments offered at The Khyber Spa by L’Occitane includes facials, massage, body scrubs, wraps, head massage, wet treatments, Ayurveda and leg refresher among many more. This luxury spa in Gulmarg also offers wellbeing baths, giving you a choice to go for either Aroma bath, Royal Pamper Bath or Ultimate Romance bath (for couples only).

Indulge in the best facial spa in India at Spa L’Occitane to hydrate, soften and soothe the skin.

Revitalize the mind, body and soul with luxury Body Massage in India at Spa L’Occitane, designed to thoroughly pamper you in luxury indulgence from head-to-toe.

Rejuvenate and revitalize with luxury Body Treatment services by Spa L’Occitane to relax, pamper and hydrate the skin.

Exfoliate dead skin cells to get renewed, glowing and healthy skin with Body Scrub spa treatment at Spa L’Occitane, which will leave you hydrated and refreshed.

Indulging in best Wet Spa treatment at Spa L’Occitane can leave your skin and mind truly fresh and invigorated – making you relaxed for the days ahead.

A nourishing spa Body Wrap in India at Spa L’Occitane will soothe your skin, making your body feel supple and well hydrated.

Area Focussed Treatments Before, after or during a treatment, discover a few additional best Area Focused spa treatments by Spa L’Occitane for him and her.

Experience best Ayurveda spa treatment at Spa L’Occitane to cleanse, relax and revitalize the mind, body and soul.