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Truly heavenly and mystical, Gulmarg is ten times more beautiful than imagined and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in North. Home to surreal landscape with lush green meadows and clear blue skies, Gulmarg enchants visitors with its mystic natural beauty. Known to refresh and revive, Gulmarg is also home to some of the most luxury spa resorts that can totally detox the mind, body and soul. Speaking of luxury spas, The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE is a luxurious Mediterranean themed spa, which offers the best facial services in Gulmarg. This facial spa in Gulmarg caters to all kinds of travellers, who love taking care of their skin. When on a spacation, taking care of skin adds glow and a charm to the vacation, hence, indulging in facial in Gulmarg becomes a joyful experience.

From anti-ageing to drainage facials for men and women, The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE provides best facial in Gulmarg for those who love to be pampered. Involving various steps, facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, steam and mask on the skin that can help you retain that young look. The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE has experienced therapists who are trained to offer best facial service in Gulmarg after analyse the skin type and other concerns.


An ideal treatment to combat skin-slackening of the face and neck, as well as the décolleté area. This exceptional anti-aging facial uses lifting and contouring massage techniques with the fabulous properties of 7 natural active ingredients, including organic Immortelle essential oil and Myrtle. A radiant and youthful skin for a harmonious beauty! The result is divine: Deep wrinkles seem relaxed, fine lines smoothed, face contour firmer and the décolleté smooth and satin-soft again. Skin looks glowing with youth!


A dynamizing youthcare treatment performed with L’Occitane Immortelle Precious range, that harnesses the power of Immortelle essential oil & a dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex. This new generation complex is activated by new Korean expert strokes called “contouring techniques”. This massage technique has a focus on the 1st signs of ageing concern areas (cheekbones, laugh lines and forehead) and is meant to shift the focus from caring to preventing signs of ageing. This treatment will not only help your skin to keep up with your fast pace of life by smoothing out fine lines and early wrinkles but it will also plump up your skin with moisture and give you the healthy glow you have always dreamed about.


The Queen of the Meadows, called “Reine des Prés” is an immaculate white flower. A true wonder of nature, its petals change colour over time, from pale yellow to translucent white. This incredible natural “self-whitening power” inspired L’Occitane to create the REINE BLANCHE Illuminating Program. This unique facial associates Reine Blanche products with our signature massage sequence, using Japanese Shiatsu techniques that boost micro-circulation, promote firmness, release deep muscular tensions on the face trigger points and stimulate key energy centres. A complete illuminating program to retrieve immaculate skin with inner light!


This facial features an ultra-hydrating face care range – Aqua Reotier for healthy-looking skin. Enriched with Réotier water, hyaluronic acid and glycerin, this facial helps recharge skin with water, leaving it glowing with moisture and softness. Your skin is refreshed and radiant, and feels more plump.


This treatment is specially designed to address the specific needs of sensitive skin. The treatment focuses on protecting the skin through intensively Nourishing Shea formulas, a very gentle cleansing and cooling experience to soothe. As a result, skin is nourished, supple and experiences long-lasting softness.


The power of Cade to protect your skin. Enjoy a protective treatment that starts with a deep cleansing of the skin, followed by a face massage that will help soothe the skin and reduce cutaneous inflammations. The Cade products used in this treatment have been formulated for men’s skin specific needs: they are true to men’s nature and to the nature of their skin. Our protocol can be adapted for you with our Cade Softening Beard Oil to pamper your beard properly and give it a nice nourishing feeling.

Enjoy these facial services in Gulmarg at the luxurious The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE.