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Situated amidst the picturesque Himalayas, The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE at The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, offers luxury and holistic treatments with best body scrub services in Gulmarg. A place to unwind and be pampered, this luxury spa is a haven of tranquillity with focus on total rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. A fusion of Indian and Mediterranean wellbeing, The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE embarks you on a relaxing journey with soothing aromas and luxury ambience. From massage to scrubs & wraps, facials to Ayurveda, this spa in Gulmarg offers a plethora of relaxing services using the finest of treatments. Luxury body scrub in Gulmarg is a popular treatment as it exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using combined techniques from the East and the West such as Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Balinese & Shiatsu, The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE is one of the best body scrub spa in Gulmarg.


A firming scrub which exfoliates and stimulates micro-circulation using the Almond Delicious Paste that contains crushed almond shells mixed with sugar crystals. It is then followed by the application of Almond Milk Concentrate enriched with almond oil, almond milk and almond proteins, leaving the skin satin-soft.


Delicious textures to eliminate dead cells, leaving skin perfectly prepared for a treatment or massage.