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Pure and serene, Gulmarg is one place in India, which is closest to nature. Covered with pine-fringed trees and meadow of wild flowers, Gulmarg is a famous tourist spot. Apart from offering a peaceful holiday, the beauty of this paradise also invokes the hidden consciousness about living a healthy lifestyle, hence, we have witnessed an increase in the demand of full body treatments in Gulmarg. The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE, located at the beautiful The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa offers the best escape to indulge in luxury body treatment in Gulmarg. A luxury Mediterranean wellness sanctuary, The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE offers complete renewal of the mind, body and soul with combined techniques from the East and the West such as Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Balinese & Shiatsu. The Khyber Spa by L’OCCITANE provides best body treatments in Gulmarg, connecting you with your inner self in its serene environment and beautiful atmosphere.


Inspired by Lymphatic Drainage Massage techniques, this treatment boosts circulation and promotes elimination of toxins & excess water. The skin feels nourished, supple, firmer and smoother due to the almond supple skin oil, rich in omega 6.3 and camelina oil.


This treatment is based on a combination of Lymphatic Drainage and active massage techniques to fight dimpled looking skin. The almond supple skin oil will act on skin’s elasticity. As a result, body feels refined with a lighter-feeling sensation.