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Visiting spas in Mumbai has proved to be beneficial for the mind and body considering how stress has become an integral part of daily life. To look for total relaxation and rejuvenation, people in Mumbai are always on a lookout for best spa treatments. Factors including rising disposable income, tight working schedules, pollution and increasing traffic have made it easy for people to splurge on spa services to live a healthy lifestyle. Visiting these spas is now no more a luxury but a necessity. From massages to scrubs & wraps, facials to hamman and Ayurveda, luxury spas in Mumbai offer some of the best treatments. They employ experienced therapists, who are trained to use finest natural products, oils and innovative techniques to offer revitalizing services.

Talking of luxury spas, Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE, located in the center of South Mumbai at Lower Parel is a Mediterranean-themed spa that pampers and rejuvenates with Provencal-inspired treatments. Pampering people from head-to-toe, Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE offers best body scrub services in Mumbai. Using innovative techniques, therapists at the spa use firm strokes to enhance the experience of relaxation.


A firming scrub which exfoliates and stimulates micro-circulation using the Almond Delicious Paste that contains crushed almond shells mixed with sugar crystals. It is then followed by the application of Almond Milk Concentrate enriched with almond oil, almond milk and almond proteins, leaving the skin satin-soft.


Delicious textures to eliminate dead cells, leaving skin perfectly prepared for a treatment or massage.

Visit Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE at Lower Parel to indulge in scrubs, wraps and many other revitalizing services to totally relax the mind, body and soul.