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Amidst the frenetic lifestyle of Mumbai, what restores the mind to a calmer state is a visit to luxury spas. Visiting luxury spas in the city of Mumbai can ease fatigue, restore energy and connect you to the five elements of nature. There’s a plethora of Indian as well as international wellness brands residing in the city of Mumabi. These spas are luxurious and offer all kinds of treatments to take care of total wellbeing from head-to-toe. In order to stay hydrated, people indulge in luxury wet spa treatments in Mumbai to totally relax the mind, body and soul. There are various luxury spas that pamper the senses with wet spa treatments in Mumbai that offer well-being soaking ceremonies in free standing bathtubs.

Talking of one of the largest day spas in Mumbai, Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE is an 8,000 sq. ft. standalone wellness sanctuary located amidst the bustle of South Mumbai at Lower Parel. Devoted to relaxation and luxury indulgence, the spa offers wet treatments and is the place to go to for a unique Hammam experience in Mumbai. A luxury wet treatment in Mumbai, Hammam includes steam, scrub and a one of a kind water experience, featuring multiple shower heads and varying temperatures, to soothe even the most tired body. Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE offers various Hammam services for total wellbeing from head-to-toe including steam, scrub, wrap, cleanse, rain and body massage.

You can also indulge in Soothing Provencal Steam Bath at Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE, indulging in a moment of gentle warmth, during which pure essential oils (chosen as per individual’s mood and skin’s need) are diffused into the atmosphere in a private steam chamber. The emollient properties to the steam allows the skin to perfectly enjoy the Benefits of a treatment. The spa also has ultimate romance bath to let couples relax in a private chamber – creating the perfect harmony. Choose from aroma bath, royal pamper bath specially for female guests or romance bath for couples.

Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE offers luxury wet spa treatments in Mumbai to help individuals destress, rejuvenate and stay hydrated. Embark on a healing journey and live a healthy lifestyle by indulging in soothing spa treatments.